Once Upon a Labrador

Once Upon a Labrador


This show features Alfie the Labrador. It would be quite wrong to suggest that Alfie is a performing dog. He does not walk on a tightrope, juggle, or dance on his hind legs. The reason is simply that Alfie is happy to be a Labrador. Nothing more. And he maintains this role with dignity and distinction. Charles Garland does all the talking.

Based on true events (until the author’s imagination takes over), dog lovers and owners everywhere will relate to these stories of puppyhood, and the general appeal extends to all age groups, through the wry humour of these carefully crafted verses.

Charles Garland writes whimsical verse, plays, music and trivial comedy lines. But he is also the proud partner of Alfie, and hopes that you will come and see them both doing what they do best.

Date and time

At The Avenue Theatre, Ipswich.
All tickets £10


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  • To follow on from our previous tweet...this is Alfie now. His powers of persuasion are probably stronger than ours,… https://t.co/Mea5qNiRCn
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