Getting to know the fellow behind the fox – An interview with Lawrence Russell

Getting to know the fellow behind the fox – An interview with Lawrence Russell

Lawrence Russell Ben

Lawrence Russell – Ben

Hi Lawrence! So, firstly could you tell us a bit about yourself:

Sure, well I grew up near Brighton, I got a degree in broadcast journalism before going to East 15 acting school and I enjoy playing different interesting characters. That’s want I want to be known for – at the moment I’m writing some 10/15 min plays for Edinburgh next year, I also love watching people and observing how they walk and talk, and seeing themselves in what other people do.

Tell us a bit about each of the characters you play,
in a nutshell:

Mr Tod – a dastardly but slightly haphazard villain

Tommy Brock – a Cockney wheeler-dealer kind of geezer

Benjamin Bunny – very nervous but tries hard to overcome it to rescue the baby bunnies.

Ben – one of the young kids that discovers Beatrix Potter’s ghost!

What attracted you to the role of Mr Tod?

I really enjoy playing the evil characters, and ones that are slightly useless, so getting to combine the two is a lot of fun!

Are there any secrets you can tell us about the show so far?….What should the audience expect?

The show is fast-moving with lots of big fun characters, it’s incredibly creative, and we find inventive ways to use things found in the attic…that’s all I can tell you right now!

Did you read any Beatrix Potter growing up, and if so do you have a favourite tale?

I came across all the characters growing up, but I didn’t know about the book of The Tale of Mr Tod, but glad I found it now as it’s the best one of all in my opinion.

What made you want to work with us?

I came to see my friend Laurence Pears in The Comedy of Errors, Theatre in the Forest and ever since then I wanted to work with you all at RRC.

In the spirit of Beatrix Potter’s love of animals, if you could be any animal what would you be?

*thinks for a while* my brain keeps coming back to a bird of prey, like a falcon or a hawk, I always wanted to fly so that’s why!

Great choice! Finally – If we snooped through your attic what might we find,
What kind of fond childhood memories stand out to you? 

Hmm well I built a lair for the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles once, and I learned how to do a forward split by watching the Power Rangers!

Wow, well we’re never going to top that answer so let’s end it there…one last thing you’d like to add?

Yes, book your tickets for The Tale of Mr Tod immediately! Don’t miss it!


rehearsals 19 nov 02

rehearsals 19 nov 04


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