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Your donations and support make a huge difference to your local community.
Your donations help us to continue delivering our community programme to some of the most disadvantaged and overlooked individuals and groups in the community – giving them a voice, positive outlet and sense of well-being that can be especially hard to find these days. These projects take people away from often very difficult lives and environments, and gives them moments of fun, joy, skills and confidence that makes a huge difference to the rest of their lives.

To give you an example, £15 a month pays for one young person to have a place in our youth theatre; or a one-off donation of £230 sponsors a seat in The Avenue Theatre – 1 of only 120 available!

This is your chance to have a real impact within your community, helping to make art more accessible to all and keep our community groups running & growing from strength to strength.

Donate to Red Rose Chain Community Projects!

Our community work is at the heart of Red Rose Chain, we strive to keep it free at source to make our ACT (Avenue Community Theatre) and inclusive youth theatre as accessible as possible.

Every week at Red Rose Chain we run inclusive, free at source workshops for disadvantaged young people, disabled young people and young people with mental health issues as well as adults with mental health issues, learning difficulties and struggling with addiction. We partner with mental health charities to run creative workshops and volunteer programmes for service users and for older people with dementia. Parents and families meet here in a safe environment and support each other while celebrating the achievements and progress of their children and siblings.

The Avenue Theatre has allowed our vital community work to continue to grow and develop and has given our members their own space to feel proud of. The theatre has showcased some amazing things already such as Parallel People, by ACT, The Green Children – which was researched with members of our inclusive youth theatre, the youth theatre’s take on The Red Shoes and the Black Shuck myth and who could forget ACT’s unique take on a nativity play and being part of the opening launch of HighTide festival!

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