Our seat Campaign

It took a little while…But we are delighted to have our dream seating at last! We were overjoyed to have been awarded funding from Arts Council England towards our seating, which combined with the support of all of our seat campaign donors meant our dream seating in The Avenue Theatre could become a reality for all to enjoy! It’s still flexible & can be moved about…We wanted to keep the element of surprise, so don’t expect it to be the same each time you visit!

If you would like to sponsor one of our remaining un-named seats, to support our work and become a permanent presence in the heart of the theatre, please contact: luke@redrosechain.com or call our Box Office on 01473 603388

For a donation of £230, you or your company will support our work and have a permanent presence at the heart of The Avenue Theatre by funding one of only 110 named seats in the venue!

We would like to thank all of our seat sponsors so far for their support!

Emma Freud, Jimmy & Caela Doherty, Steve Curzon, Paddy & Sarah Bishopp, the Bell family, Pauline Norman, John Newborn, Anila & Simon Commercial, Inga & Tim Lockington, Lattice Lodge, Ipswich Town & Waterfront, the Carey family, DP Agency Ltd. (timber & timber products), Rory Burrow, John & Anne Pickering, Georgina Hanser, Pete&ValDavison, Rev John Cotton, Chester Ward, Goodall Family, Gecko, Scarfe Trust, Hawksmoor Investment Management, nonsuchdjs, Farthing Funeral Service, 14 Forest Friends, Jennifer Barker, PMG Plumbing & Heating, Penny Pilates, Chris Richardson, Bill & Kath, Paul and Teresa Jennings, Toothbrush Apartments, Honey+Harvey, Wilcock Family, Richard & Jean Pittaway, Jodie Moore, The Dude and The Rotary Club of Ipswich East



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