We’re so close to having our dream seating!!!


Since our latest enews went out, 4 more seats have been claimed!
Thank you to Toothbrush Apartments, Honey+Harvey, Wilcock Family and Richard and Jean Pittaway!
For a full list of our seat donors click here

We’re so close to having our dream seating!!!

Here is a mock up of our lovely new bench seats inside The Avenue!

We are overjoyed to have been awarded funding from Arts Council England towards our seating, which means that thanks to the support of all of our seat campaign donors – our dream seating in The Avenue Theatre is becoming a reality, for all to enjoy.

And that’s where YOU come in. 40 seats have been claimed. Our goal is to have 13 more sponsored by the time we open Put Out The Lights in May!

For a donation of £230, you, your company, or as part of a larger group buying a seat collectively will support our work and have a permanent presence in the heart of The Avenue Theatre by funding one of only 110 seats in the venue! So if you or anyone you know might like to become a seat sponsor, please get in touch with Sarah – sarah @ redrosechain.com (no spaces) or call our box office directly on 01473 603388.

Why buy a seat?
Here’s what some of our seat sponsors have to say

“We bought a seat at the theatre because we believe in supporting the things we love. Red Rose Chain touches every aspect of what we hold to be good. Jo and the company are so very talented, the work they do for the community in which I live with my family is unique, beyond value and touches the hearts of all with whom they interact.

They inspire my children with accessible, challenging and very enjoyable experiences, they move me to tears, often, with the power of their productions and, best of all, the new theatre provides a home and focus for all of these things in one place. The theatre is truly a home for all of the best things that we enjoy as a family.

We will support the company as best we can, for as long as we can, because we love it and get so much from it, but mostly because our children, and those of people less fortunate that we are, all deserve access to the extraordinary life experiences that Red Rose Chain can offer them. Why would you not support such a thing?” – The Bell Family

“Sponsor a seat – yes, I thought because it’s a wonderful way of supporting a most creative, visionary and exciting project in Ipswich.
I never expected to be involved in the theatre, but sponsoring a seat at Red Rose Chain enables me to play a small part in that world.” – Rory Burrow

“nonsuchdjs – Andy Flatman and Tony Felgate have been fortunate enough to enjoy the work of Red Rose Chain for many years. It is however their community work that sets this organisation apart and on that basis alone we are happy to support now and into the future.”Andy and Tony, nonsuchdjs

“Why did I buy a seat for the Avenue Theatre? That’s easy. Red Rose Chain seeks to improve the lives of those who are often overlooked or disadvantaged in society, improving their confidence and bringing them pleasure. Helping support the base for that activity, the Avenue Theatre, was a simple decision.”Martin Pike, Lattice Lodge and Toothbrush Apartments

“Like a lot of people we were introduced to Red Rose Chain at The Theatre in The Forest and were hooked. We met Jo and David and got a very good understanding or the amazing work that Red Rose does in the community.
Witnessing how theatre can improve lives and change peoples world for the better, we started supporting Red Rose through Paddy & Scott’s Coffee but wanted to show more personal support, the seat was the perfect way to do this. We are both very proud that by buying a seat we have contributed to the new theatre.”Paddy & Sarah Bishopp

What your support means to our community work:

Here’s some feedback about why it’s so important to keep our community groups running and thriving…This is why your support matters!

“Red Rose Chain is an incredible company that strives to create excellent theatre that helps entire communities. The workshops that are run by the Red Rose Chain staff help a great many people from the youth to many people with additional needs throughout Suffolk. Red Rose Chain has helped me greatly, and I am now taking great strides towards a potential career in playwriting. ACT is invaluable to me.”Evangeline, ACT member

“I enjoy Red Rose Chain and their workshops. It’s giving my world a new light. For a few hours a week I feel like I can touch the sky. It makes me happy and I enjoy all of the sessions. Learning to act has changed my life for the better, I am also helping to challenge the stigmas of people with mental health issues.”Chris, ACT member

“‘Being part of something special makes you special’ seems like the only accurate quote to represent Red Rose Chain. Excited for more shows to come!”Youth Theatre member

“Red Rose Chain does so much for all the young people’s confidence and sense of belonging. It’s really wonderful to see!” – Youth Theatre parent

“It is absolutely wonderful to see such a variety of young people working as a team and enjoying themselves. It is great for some of the old farts (over 100) like me, to witness such talent first hand.”Audience member at The Red Shoes

The seating is demountable tiered upholstered bench seating, with backrests to seat up to 110 people in a variety of configurations. Allowing us to develop The Avenue with comfort, flexibility and a real feeling of community.

To become a seat sponsor, email sarah @ redrosechain.com (no spaces) or call our box office directly on 01473 603388.



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