Normal Times

Normal Times

Written by Leanne Baines. Directed by Joanna Carrick

NORMAL TIMES is an incredible new short film about disability in times of crisis, written by Leanne Baines, who is a member of ‘ACT’, The Avenue Community Theatre Company. 

Leanne’s powerful writing uses her own experiences during the COVID-19 pandemic as a mother of her disabled son, Mark, drawing parallels to the persecution of people who were different during the 17th Century witch hunts led by Matthew Hopkins. We filmed the play during lockdown using green-screen technology with actors Victoria Gee and Ricky Oakley.

“Well written, creatively put together, the comparison between Covid now and East Anglian witch trials worked so well. It made me think & I really enjoyed it”

“Totally in awe of Leanne. Amazing mum and now film writer. Well done team and very well done Leanne”

“Congratulations Leanne, this was amazing and so brilliant to see Mark too. Well done to everyone involved”

“Very powerful piece writtwn by Leanne. Great to see Mark throughout the piece. Well done to all involved”


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